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 Graphics Shops :: Guidelines

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PostSubject: Graphics Shops :: Guidelines   Graphics Shops :: Guidelines EmptyWed Jul 29, 2009 7:47 pm

Credits System

The whole usage for Credits is to use them to purchase certain things in the Graphics Shops that are provided by users on the forum. Some users decide not to propose their graphics unless you contribute Credits for them, and that's the whole reason for the Credits system. The Graphics Shops section is the great resource for finding what you want by a specific user.
For all of the newbs that don't know how to get Credits, you have to post in order to retrieve them. Wink

Shop Owners

    • Starting Off
  1. You can only have up to a maximum of 3 Graphics Shops, but you can always request one of your Shops to be trashed, and you can open up a new one in its place. Your Shops do not need any verification or acceptance in order to be valid.
    • Administering
  2. If you are hosting your own shop, you are responsible for it. That means that you must give the user what he/she wants at a high standard satisfaction, or you won't get the selected Credits.
    Also, You must present an example image of what kind of graphics you are trading in for Credits. Users won't purchase anything from you unless they know what they are purchasing. The graphics you are trading for Credits HAVE to be the same way as they are presented in the example image.
    • Marketing
  3. You can list your graphics for any type of Credits price, even for free. It doesn't matter how high you list the graphics for; but if you set a highly outrageous cost for graphics that aren't even worth spending credits on, users aren't bound to purchase anything from you.
    • Copyrighting
  4. Be reminded that once you trade your graphics for Credits, the graphics will not be copyrighted or copy protected, so anyone can snatch them from your customers' sites or usage.


  1. You cannot copyright or copy-protect any graphics.
  2. You must have the needed amount of Credits to purchase something.
  3. What you see is what you get. If you don't want what was presented as an example in the owner's shop, then that's your fault. You requested it, and no refunds.
  4. You can't reply to the Shop thread and state that you forgot something that you want the Shop owner to create.
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Graphics Shops :: Guidelines
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